buddy holly tribute acts


Some years ago , under my real name , I ran the "Nicky Walker Entertainment Agency"
in Norwich .

I ran my office , as so many do , from home . I'd started the business years previously
from nothing .
Like most things in my life , I fell into it almost by accident .

I was already booking acts , and people I knew , to enhance various evenings I was presenting , they were
the best years . I got swept along with it and the business flourished .
In those days , of course , an agent had to be licenced .

As well as booking very good unknown acts , I was also very fortunate to book a lot
of the well known top names from the world of show business .

Here below are a selection of photographs of me with some of them - good years !

The New Ivy League . In my opinion , the best
3 piece in the UK .
Musically and vocally superb , and hilariously funny
as well .
Michael , David and John became the best of
good mates .

It was always a pleasure meeting up with them ,
which I often did .
I have a superb CD of theirs which also includes one
of the best versions of "That'll Be The Day" ever !
With Anne and Maureen Nolan .
alvin stardust
The late , great Alvin Stardust , who told a great
story about how he met up with
Buddy Holly and The Crickets in the dressing room
of a UK theatre .
Berni Flint , an incredibly talented singer and guitarist , and a nice line in patter .
berni flint
billy pierce
Billy Pierce , one of the funniest young comedians at that time , and a real grafter .
Bobby Gee from Bucks Fizz , who perform a very
professional show .
bobby gee

The Bootleg Beatles , the UK's top Beatles tribute band .
bootleg beatles
bootleg beatles
brian poole
With my very good friend , Brian Poole .
Such a nice guy who does a lovely show .
Brian loves to talk about the time he met
Buddy Holly in London .
Buddy gave him a song called "Someone" , which Brian and The Tremeloes took to the top of the
UK charts .
Cannon and Ball , two extremely professional gentlemen .
Their routines had our audiences in hysterics .
cannon and ball
frank carson

The late Frank Carson , he's a cracker !
I suppose it's just the way he told them !

Met up with Frank again on the Costa del Sol when
we worked together at the Elefante for my local agent Chris King .

Dave Lee Travis , "The Hairy Monster" .

We reminisced about years previously when we would meet
up in the early hours in a Manchester eaterrie in Albert Square , when I was with some of my group members and Dave came in with Jimmy Saville .

dave lee travis
des o'connor

My meeting with Des O'Connor , April 2005 at Peterborough Showground .
I didn't actually book Des , but I was booked to compere the show and do a 30 minute "Buddy"
tribute spot .

Talking with Des in the afternoon , we went back to March 1958 , when he compered the UK tour of
Buddy Holly and The Crickets .

A lovely man to talk to !

Katrina from Katrina and the Waves , winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 .
katrina and the waves
fogwell flax

Fogwell Flax , quite easily , without any props except
a microphone , the most talented impressionist I have ever seen .

Hailing from Liverpool , his "Doddy" is second to none , but you should hear his impressions of jet aircraft , heavy goods trucks etc .

With Hale and Pace , on a show where I was the compere
in York .

Funny and also a real joy to work with .

hale and pace
hazel dean
Hazell Dean , great act from the '80s .

Jimmy Cricket , as lovely a man as he is funny .

Some of the younger comedians of today would do well to watch Jimmy as he is a master of timing and of his craft .

jimmy cricket
keith harris
The one on the right is the late Keith Harris !
Little and Large , who I worked with in Birmingham .
On talking to Sid ,
I discovered he was a big Buddy Holly fan .
little and large
Showaddywaddy , with all their great hits , always a fantastic show .
The Barron Knights , a great act with classic comedy and
song , with performances all over the world , including Buckingham Palace .
the barron nights
the crickets

The Crickets in London , 2001 .

Left to right - Joe B Mauldin , Sonny Curtis , Jerry Allison and sometimes piano player , Glen D Hardin , who was in the Elvis Presley band for the
Vegas years .

The Grumbleweeds , Robin , Tony and the late
Graham Walker , always so hilariously funny .

I remember them in the early days as a
5 piece , and in the last few years I was booking
The Weeds with just Robin and Graham .

Met up again with them on the Costa del Sol during their numerous visits to work for Chris King .

the grumbleweeds
the krankies
The Krankies , what a unique and fabulous act .
Also incredibly hard working .

The Manfreds , left to right -
Tom McGuinness , Paul Jones and
Mike D'Abo .

Paul Jones wanted my Buddy Guy's
"Legends Blues Club , Chicago" T shirt from me .

Met up again with Mike D'Abo on the Costa del Sol when
he performed at the Elefante .

the manfreds
Marty Wilde and me . This was taken at a big concert on Lincoln Showground .
Marty was on the bill and so too were The Manfreds .
We chatted before the show about the time when I had worked on an outside broadcast for Anglia Television , at the Britannia Pier Theatre , Great Yarmouth , when I was 14 , and Marty was the guest star that night , but unfortunately he had a slight problem remembering that far back !!

I had booked Frank Bruno , on behalf of clients , to open a brand new Bingo Hall .

As you would expect , he was as charming as ever , and the last thing on his mind was rushing home .

I took my youngest daughter , Olivia , and my son Richard along with me .

My fondest memory is seeing Frank and Olivia in fits of laughter when he discovered they both had a favourite rap star by the name of Slim Shady .

the searchers

The Searchers , with original member ,
John McNally .

I checked with him personally about the band's name originating from John Wayne's movie of the same
name , and he confirmed it to be true .

Top quality band with some great chat from bass
player Frank Allen .

Tina Charles . It was great for me on the night to catch up with Tina , as back in '72 / '73 , we were in a band together called "Northern Lights" .
It was a 5 - piece , in London , one of the best bands
I've ever been involved with .
tina charles
chris farlowe

Chris Farlowe , who I first saw performing when I
was 19 years old . I've been a lifetime fan of his since
"The Thunderbird" days , along with my favourite guitarist , Albert Lee .

In my opinion , Chris is the finest white Blues singer
to ever come out of the UK , I'm sure an opinion shared by many . A musician's singer !

With Albert Lee .
Along with Chris Farlowe , Albert has been a favourite of mine since time began , back in the days of
The Thunderbirds .
Over the years , I've seen Albert many times , including a private guitar clinic for about 60 people .
The picture shows him performing with "Hogan's Heroes" , bringing back fond memories of
"The Twisted Wheel" in Manchester .
Albert was also the MD for The Everly Brothers .

The late Clem Curtis , lead singer of
"The Foundations" .
Such a pleasure to hear him performing those classic hits ,
"Build Me Up Buttercup" and
"Baby , Now That I Found You" .


clem curtis
chris king

Xmas Day lunch at top restaurant , Miraflores , on
the Costa del Sol , with my agent and good friend ,
Chris King , and his girlfriend , Paula .

We were working together , with Chris compering our show .

With Jimmy Jemain , another dear friend . Jimmy starred as Cliff Richard in the highly acclaimed West End
stage production "Cliff - The Musical" .
Here we are together at The Riviera Hotel , Benalmadena , on the Costa del Sol , where one night I
performed and the next night , Jimmy performed there too , both for Chris King , so we turned up to
support each other on the night .
jimmy jemain
jimmy jemain

The Miraflores 25th Anniversay celebration , on the
Costa del Sol , where I was booked to perform on a
double bill with top Elvis Presley tribute
Neil J Duncan , who was flown in from
the UK for the show .

Shown here with Neil and my agent
Chris King .


Some years ago I was asked to understudy
Marc Robinson in the theatre production of 
"Rockin On Heaven's Door" .
Lucky old Marc having that show to himself !
Nice guy and great Buddy performer.
There were however some evenings he couldn't make and for that I shall be eternally grateful. Great show, great performers and nice guys in the band .
In this picture we were  at The Embassy Theatre in Skegness , lovely venue and an unforgettable night .

Having done just about everything in this business by being a singer/musician/entertainer ,
I had done a fair amount of recording with various groups both in terms of records etc , and also recorded music
for BBC radio .
Acting had deluded me until I was offered some bitparts and walk-ons in small TV dramas and films .
A lot ofthese were for - due to my naturally dark curly hair, beard and swarthy looks - Arab type parts !
I have been a rich oil sheik placing my bets at the casino table and also a dirty old fakir penniless and thrown in jail.


For acting purposes, and to keep other business interests separate , I was using my middle name ,
hence Garth Walker . Sounds the part anyway .
My biggest thrill was to play a grumpy Turkish cafe owner in Anglia TV's production "The Verger" opposite
Richard Briers .
What an experience for me, a speaking part, playing scenes with such a consumate professional .
I was also one of two security guards " heavies " in a production starring Christopher Lee .
How nice if that had been the start of something, unfortunately it led to Anglia TV winding down on their dramas
and becoming more or less a news station .


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