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Dubai Trip , June 2007.

Back in June 2007 , I was booked to appear in Dubai .
Being one who is always keen to get on an aeroplane and jet off to somewhere new
in the world I was quite exited by the prospect.

My contact and booker  Phil Richardson was to meet me at the airport.
It seemed a long way to go for just one show but they wanted exclusive on the booking .
I was to appear at the Dubai Marine Hotel Beach And Spa !!!!
Wow ,and I stayed there as well !
All together it was a fabulous 3 days , and Buddy rocked in Dubai.

I got in late that night, but was up early next morning to do a TV interview on
"Good Morning Dubai" . Sang live with an acoustic guitar at 7am in the morning and it
all went very well .  
Phil was happy with how the Buddy Holly show was received , and I went back in the November and then again in April 2008 .
It was my last gig before moving to Spain to live .

Phil here with his 4x4 , was so pleased with the
TV interview .
We both got intervied then he took us for breakfast at the Dubai Golf Club .
The Golf Club was an impressive place and I particularly liked this mosaic tiled wall in the reception .

This is the hotel I stayed in , The Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa .
I performed my show in the "El Paso" , a
Tex Mex restaurant to the left of this picture .
A great venue which also featured a live 3 piece resident band and disco later on too .

The main Dubai highway .

The impressisive Dubai skyline with its skyscrapers, also lovely at night .

I also had my video camera with me .
It had frozen up in Minnesota , and now this time it just heated up and wouldn't work again !

On my tour I saw some of Dubai's finest hotels .
Driving along the main road toward my hotel I passed The Jumeirah Beach Club Hotel and the world's only
7 star hotel , The Burj Al Arab .
The world's tallest building , The Burj Dubai .

It is finished now , but I was there when they
still had 2 cranes on top of it !
I just can not imagine being a crane operator
up there !!!!!
I did a private tour in a taxi .
The guy just turned off the clock, and charged me
for 2 hours .
This is me with the hotel's private beach
behind me .
The hotel had about a dozen different restaurants , with cuisine from countries all over the world .
There were such beautiful gardens .
This the beach bar .

The Mosque just across the road from the hotel
is a splendid sight, especially in the afternoon
with the lights coming .


For me , the late afternoon call to prayer just put
the finishing touch to the whole experience .
On the private beach , just waiting for the sun
to sink beneath the horizon .
The entrance to the  bar/restaurant where I
was performing .
This is the doorman ,
I called him pineapple , it should have been Tiny !!!

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