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New York , January 2009.

I flew from Malaga on the Costa del Sol , Spain , my new home , direct to JFK .
I had to change flights for Minneapolis so a stop over in New York seemed a good idea .
I was en route to the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly at the
Surf Ballroom , Clearlake , Iowa , for my 7th visit !

After a taxi ride from JFK , and my first glimpse of the New York skyline , I checked
into my hotel "The Time" , on 224 , 49th St West .

New York , WOW !!! It's exactly like every movie you've ever seen ,
just amazing !

Did lots of sightseeing , including some to do with Buddy Holly .

This is the Roseland Ballroom . I'd imagine that in it's heyday with all the big bands , it must have been THE place to go dancing !
The August Wilson Theatre on 252 West St , just a couple of blocks from my hotel .
Went to the ticket office , they had one seat , 9 rows from the front .
Saw "The Jersey Boys" on Broadway , what a show !
The Carnegie Hall .

After the "Jersey Boys" show , I went to the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway .
It is located in the old Paramount Theatre where many films , including Elvis' "Loving You" premiered .

This picture shows a whole wall made up of guitar
bodies .


The 4 suits that The Beatles wore on stage for their very first US concert at Shea Stadium , New York .

Note the 4 TWA flight bags with their names on .

On this stage , in the 1960s , it changed from being a movie theatre to a TV studio for
live shows .

Lots of musical chat shows came from here .


A showcase containing , centre , a photograph of Elvis arriving for the premiere of "Loving You" .

Top left is a photo of Elvis and Frank Sinatra , when Frank welcomed Elvis back from Germany , his first live appearance after leaving the Army .

On the right is the black , tie suit , that Elvis wore for that show .

Oh , also had a great cheeseburger and a beer !

Friday morning , left my hotel early , caught the Metro to Ground Zero .
After walking around , discovered there was a guided tour so I bought a ticket .

Very informative , interesting and deeply moving .

Ground Zero has a gift shop which is also like a mini museum , and houses some of the remains of the original structure of The Twin Towers .

This visit was a must to do on my list , while also leaving me with feelings of great sadness .

Had a quick lunch at the Stage Door Deli , something I'd always wanted to do was have a sandwich with Pastrami on Rye (I'd just heard it in so many movies! ) .

Then made my way to The Empire State Building on 5th Avenue and 34th Street .
Being one with absolutely no head for heights
I forgot all about it once I reached the 86th floor and saw one of the world's most incredible views .


The elevator ride to the top is nerve wracking , but the views on all four sides are breathtaking !

I particularly liked the view of the Chrysler building .

One of my favourite views had to be to the
South , with Ellis and Staten Island ,
and the Financial disctrict .
One can only imagine how the Twin Towers would have looked on that skyline !

I stayed up there until it got dark and saw all the famous New York lights at night .


In the evening , having already booked a ticket ,
I just crossed Broadway from my hotel to the Winter Gardens Theatre and watched
Mamma Mia .

After the show , walked down to Times Square
( 5 minutes ) , and went to the Hard Rock Cafe again for another cheeseburger and beer !


This is the Brill building , 1659 , on Broadway .

Inside the doors , in an office suite somewhere , some of the best songs in the history of popular music were written by the likes of Carole King , Gerry Goffin ,
Neil Sedaka and Neil Diamond ,
to name but a few .
I'm also told that songs from a good many musicals dating back to the '30s , were also written here .

My 2nd stop on my Saturday morning tour was "Manny's Music" on 48th St East .

Buddy Holly apparently bought a whole range of
guitars , strings etc from this store .

After here , went to look at "Radio City" .

This is the Hotel Walcott , where Buddy and
Phil Everly started to produce and manage
other artistes .
They would record them in a studio next to the ballroom of this hotel , called The Belltone Studios .

This is the famous Pythian Temple , which at one time housed a recording studio .

Apart from Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" and other such classics , Buddy recorded the famous
"string sessions" here .

The inside view of the Pythian Temple , sadly the recording studio is no longer there , and is just an apartment block .

One can only imagine the famous rock 'n' roll luminaries and people to do with the music industry , who have walked through those doors !


Outside view of Buddy Holly's apartment , 3b , in the Brevoort building on 5th Avenue .
Buddy and Maria Elena started out their married life here .

The apartment is the 4th floor , centre , in
this picture .

The Brevoort building is almost the last one on 5th Avenue , just opposite the George Washington Arch .

Back in the late '50s and '60s , an exciting place to be , with the coffee houses of
Greenwich Village just around the corner .


Moved on to Harlem , to visit the famous
Apollo Theatre , where Buddy and The Crickets appeared in concert in 1957 .

It is known as a theatre for black acts only , so the audience were in for a huge surprise when Buddy walked on stage !

I also went through Spanish Harlem , Brooklyn and The Bronx ( and I'm still alive !! ) .
From Harlem I went to Central Park .

In the North side of Central Park is the "Imagine" memorial to John Lennon .
The Dakota building where John and Yoko lived , their apartment is on the 7th floor with the railings around it .

The entrance to the Dakota building where the fatal shots were fired .
John Lennon had just arrived home from a recording session at The Hit Factory working on his last album "Double Fantasy" .

Sunday morning I caught my flight from JFK to Lindbergh , Minneapolis .


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