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TEXAS USA - 2004 .

In October 2004 , I planned a trip to Lubbock, Texas , the hometown of Charles Hardin Holley, aka Buddy Holly . This spelling of "Holly" was a mistake by Decca records in Nashville ,
but Buddy decided to keep it that way .

The pictures more or less tell their own story . I wanted to feel for myself what the area
was like that he came from and to see if I could meet some family members and maybe
people who knew him.
I had a great trip and managed to do all and more than I had intended !

I started my trip in Houston , Texas , and nearly two weeks later got back there for my
flight home .

texas 1

From Houston I travelled to San Antonio ,to visit The Alamo - what a history lesson !

After Austin ,Texas, I moved on to
Old Fort Worth and the stockyards.
It was halfway on the long cattle drives.
texas 2
texas 3
The Norman Petty Recording Studios in Clovis New Mexico, the home of most of The Hits.


Sitting in the chair where Buddy sat, looking at some of the old recording equipment.
texas 4
texas 5

I heard "Heartbeat" coming out of those speakers.
It was the best sound ever!

Buddy's Fender amp he used to record with .
It also went on the road with him.
Plus one of the vocal mics he used, along with the Baldwin grand piano and the Celeste - the tinkling keyboard used on "Everyday".

texas 6
texas 7

The original Coca Cola machine that Buddy would have got many cokes from.

It stands in the reception of the studios.

My few days in Lubbock have to be dedicated to the memory of the late English Dave Tobin
"The Southend Cowboy" .
Dave is pictured here, complete with white stetson, in the Smoky River Diner in
downtown Lubbock along with
Sherry Holley and her husband Tommy and me.
Photo taken by PJ Liggan.
texas 8
texas 9
My visit to Buddy's grave, which is in the
City of Lubbock cemetery
Buddy's grave stone.
He is buried alongside his Mum and Dad
texas 10
texas 11
It is customary to place a guitar pick on Buddy's grave so that the music can live on

This is the old Radio K.D.A.V., possibly one of
the first radio stations to play country & Western music.

texas 12
texas 13

Much of the original recording equipment is on show.
As the sign says, from this room
Buddy & Jack Neal hosted their radio programme "The Sunday Party".

Me with Jack Neal.

texas 14
texas 15

As a teenager in your ol' man's car, you would cruise down to the Hi-D-Ho for a burger.
The original is long gone and this is the new one.
I had a burger here - it was the best ever!

Lawsons Roller Rink where Buddy and the Crickets would hone their skills on the skates .
texas 16
texas 17
Lubbock High School, where Buddy graduated in 1955

1911 , 6th Street, Lubbock Texas.
On this site stood the house where Buddy
was born.
Due to massive redevelopment there is nothing left, and all the houses have been removed .

texas 18
texas 19

This is Buddy Holly Plaza and the Walk of Fame,
dedicated to all the singers , musicians , artists and sculptors of West Texas .

Why the shorts? Well, I am a tourist!
And the temperature was well into the 90s!

texas 20
texas 21

Sherry Holley's husband (centre) is a great keyboard player,and member of a superb band called Cadillac Jack.
Pictured here with me and the guitar player from his band.

I spent a great Saturday night watching Cadillac Jack in a bar called The Sting.
What a fabulous band and what a great night out in Texas!
Tommy is buried behind the rack mounted keyboards
texas 22
texas 23

Me with Tinker Carlen, a friend of Buddy's
from junior high school.
He was never a formal band member but they used to jam and hang out together - and probably cruise down to the Hi-D-Ho.

I was invited to the home of the late Bill Griggs,
known as the greatest Buddy historian.
He told me his greatest compliment came from Buddys older brother Larry, who said
"You know more about my brother than I do."

texas 24
texas 25

Sunday morning I attended the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Lubbock, where the Holley family have worshipped for years.
I am here with Sherry, her husband Tommy
(who hadn't had much sleep after the prior nights gig!) and Sherry's father
- Buddy's older brother Larry Holly.

I visited the Buddy Holly Centre a few times.
It is the home of the Music & History of West Texas and the Life & Music of Buddy Holly.
I bought lots of items from the gift shop!

texas 26
dave tobin

The late Dave Tobin and me outside the
Buddy Holly Centre in Lubbock, Texas.

The Buddy Holly Centre, where Buddy's last Fender Strat, his Gibson J 200 and other personal items are on show.

texas 27
texas 28

The new centre on the right is tastefully joined to the Old Fort Worth and Dallas South Plains Railway Depot, and the old rail track runs right through the middle of the complex.

I left Lubbock and headed for Amarillo.

After driving a way on the famous Route 66,
I was on my way to Oklahoma

texas 29
texas 30

In Oklahoma City I visited the National
Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
If you have ever been into Westerns this is a place you must visit.
It was stunning. This is a statue called
"The End of The Trail"
and depicts the demise of all tribes of the
Native American indians .

From Oklahoma back to Texas and onto Dallas.
I visited Dealy Plaza where John F Kennedy was assassinated.
My last night was spent in Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico in a restaurant called Landrys - with a What a trip !large beer and fried catfish.

texas 31

What a trip !

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