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Welcome to Buddy Walker's foto gallery , featuring photgraphic memories from his numerous sightseeing trips in the USA .


February 2001 .
On my way up to the Colorado Rockies I made a stop off at Lookout Mountain , which overlooks Denver , Colorado .
This is the grave of William Frederik Cody AKA "Buffalo Bill" , and his wife is buried next to him .

colorado rockies

This pic shows Dan, Tasso, Clive, Me, Colin and
Don Larsen.

We drove up through the Colorado Rockies to the
ski town of Vail .
Incredible scenery . We went to visit Don Larsen,
who lived there then .
He had some great photos of the W.D.P. tour in '59
as well as some of the Everly Brothers.
He was also a friend of John Denver.

After Clearlake , our journey back to Denver . Stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Lincoln, Nebraska .
Ate in Lincoln the night before at a diner called
"Buzzard Billy's".
Here loading, and getting ready to go:
Colin , Tasso and Nancy.
On the way back we took a detour to Cheyenne, Wyoming .

lincoln nebraska

This is Ogallala, Nebraska .
We had stopped to gas up and fill the bin (eat).
Ate at the "Cowboy's Rest". Clive (pictured) had a Buffalo burger. I was very proud of him !

February 2004 , after landing in Chicago , I made my way across Illinois to visit the
"Quad Cities" of which Rock Island is part of .

This is a memorial to trains and the history of the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Co , which was the inspiration for Lonnie Donegan / Johnny Cash hit song "The Rock Island Line" .





As mentioned on the plaque above , on September 7th 1876 , the James and Younger Gang went to Northfield Minnesota to rob the First National Bank .
Shown opposite is the safe , which was on a time lock and couldn't be opened until some days later .

Out of pure frustration , they shot the bank clerk dead and the townspeople discovered a bank raid was in progress .
They all rallied round and attacked the gang from all points .

Inside the bank , this picture shows the door to the vault .
Everything inside the bank has remained exactly as it was .
To this day , the only thing changed is the glass in the windows .

This delightful and historic little detour just off the I35 , South of Minneapolis , has become a favourite of mine and I try to call in on most of my visits .

Jessie and Frank James got away !
2 or 3 members of their gang died later from their gunshot injuries , and 1 or 2 were shot and died there on Division Street .

Every year now , on September 7th (Buddy Holly's birthday), they stage a re -enactment of this famous bank raid , and crowds gather in the street to watch this spectacle .




Kearney Missouri 2011 .

Here at the grave of Jesse Woodson James
born Sept 5th 1847 and died April 3rd 1882 .

The entrance to the James Farm from
Jesse James farm road , Clay County .
Jesse James was born in this house , and grew up with the civil war around him .
The James Farm House

The front of the house .
The site is listed on the national register of Historic places .

The James Farm House was bought from the James family by the Clay County , Missouri Department of parks , Recreation and
Historic sites .


The museum and shop, the first stop on the tour. to see a video and gather information



The house suffered many attacks , by gangs and The Pinkerton detective agency , who were working for the railroad Co to flush out the James gang .
The house is well positioned , and looks lovely in its snowy setting .

In St Joseph Missouri about 30 mins North of Kansas City .
Jesse James Home , St Joseph, Missouri .

The house from the front . The lounge is situated to the right of the front door .
The house has been moved 1 block from its original site , and now sits beside the
Patee House Hotel .

During my tour of the house , in which most of the contents and furniture are original .

This is the lounge in the last house that Jesse lived in with wife Zee , who was also his cousin .

Jesse stood on this chair to straighten the picture at the top .
Bob Ford , a 20 year old new recruit to the James gang killed Jesse for a $10 000 reward , as shown in the picture .
At the time Jesse was going by the alias
"Thomas Howard" .
Ford has gone down in history as that
" Dirty little coward who shot Mr Howard and laid poor Jesse in his grave"

This is the entrance to the Patee House Hotel , which itself housed the offices of the Pony Express ,
which was set up in 1860 .
A Mr Thomas Howard was a frequent visitor to the bar and restaurant, and indeed dances held in the Grand ballroom on the 1st floor , it is said ,
he was well known.


The legend of the Pony Express , a 2000 miles ride leaving St Joseph to deliver mail to Sacramento California . This would be the starting point. 
Riders would change horses at every 15 miles at the relay stations en route .
While the riders would stay at the hotel , the horses were cared for in the stables just a walk down the road .

This is a fine statue of horse and rider in downtown
St Joseph ,Missouri .
Both the hotel and the stables are wonderful
museums , much has been done to preserve the legacy





Back in Kansas City , Missouri and not far from my hotel was the Harley-Davidson factory .

I did the factory tour , here with tour guide James .
This was in the shop and reception area .

The factory tour is superb , starting with a great video , you are then taken to the factory floor ,
and each step of manufacturing is explained .
Each guest is kitted out with a head mic reciever, so you can hear the tour guide clearly over the noise of machinery . I've never owned a "Harley" but I love 'em and their history also .

In the afternoon I went to downtown
Kansas City and visited Union Station .

What a building and 2nd only in size to
Grand Central in N.Y.C.

What a history of trains to be had there ,
sadly now all gone .
A beautiful building and I so enjoyed my visit there .




During my visits to Iowa in the last few years , I have become fascinated with Winterset , Madison County , firstly as it is the birthplace of John Wayne , and secondly famous as the location for the 1995 movie "The Bridges Of Madison County" , starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep .

This is "Francesca's" house in the movie .

Note just parked in the front garden is
"Robert Kincaid's" green chevvy truck still remaining from the movie shoot .

Originally there were 19 bridges , now only 6 remain ! They are now protected by the American equivalent of our National Trust .
Shown below is the Holliwell Bridge , the longest of the 6 bridges , at 117 feet in length .
Shots of this bridge were used in the movie .

This is The Northside Cafe , in the town square of Winterset .
Memorabilia from the movie adorns the back walls .
Note the 4th bar stool on the right , where Clint Eastwood's character "Robert Kincaid" , sat in a scene from the movie .
This is me sat on that 4th bar stool , enjoying lots of coffee and waiting for my
"Eggs over easy on Rye" .

This is a bar across the road from The Northside Cafe , called The Pheasant Run .
For the movie , Hollywood moved in and gutted it , creating "The Blue Note" .
When they left , they took all with them but forgot to take the table and 2 stools on which the
2 stars sat sharing a beer in a scene from the movie .
This is me sitting on the stool which Clint sat on in the movie !

This is the birthplace of John Wayne , just off the main square in Winterset .
The actual tour of the small 4 - roomed mainly wooden house is amazing . Just next door is the shop selling the tickets for the tour and all the merchandise .
Pictured is the bronze statue commissioned by Wayne's seven children . This will take pride of place in a new centre being built just behind the original birthplace .

During my 2011 return trip I drove from Kansas City to Clearlake , Iowa , about 350 miles .
I stopped again in Winterset Iowa after a 200 mile drive to stay couple of nights with friends .
I love this little town and had a lovely stay .
 The Bronze statue presented by John Wayne's children to the birthplace just over 2 years ago has now been  erected on a corner , just along John Wayne Drive .
It looks superb !!!


Pictured with friends , Dan and Nancy from Denver , Colorado , who I was staying with ,
and Clive Harvey .


Dan , Nancy , Clive , Tasso from Australia , Colin , myself and The Duke , whose movie
"The Searchers" inspired Buddy Holly and Jerry Allison to use Wayne's often used phrase during
that movie , as the title of his first big hit song "That'll Be The Day" .

This is the Roseman Bridge , built in 1883 and is the main bridge featured in the movie .
Photographed from any angle , it is always beautiful !
The log cabin official souvenir shop , owned by
Wyman Wilson , a friend of mine who was
Clint's location advisor for the movie .
Having been to Winterset now a few times
(for the yearly Buddy Holly anniversary celebrations in Clearlake , just 150 miles North) , I'm looking over my shoulder at the Roseman Bridge for the last time .

I have vowed to return again to Iowa when there is no snow and the weather is a lot warmer !

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